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AMA with Will_A: Responses

I apologize for the delay, as we were on Holiday Break and I completely forgot about this while working on other projects.

Will's answers are in, so I get to share them to you. As always, thank you to everyone that participated and submitted questions, and a special thank you to Will for participating in this AMA.

Why did you join the IFC?

Honestly, I'm not so sure. I'd been playing the sim for a month or two and I probably stumbled upon it and made an account. My first name was "PilotMaster2129", so that was interesting. I started reading through some topics and got to commenting pretty quickly!

Will the Rangers make the playoffs this year?

Well I sure hope so. We just picked up the first draft pick and got the prodigy Alexis Lafreniere so I have a good feeling about the season. I know we’re on the right track though.

Favorite Airport to control at in IF?

I’ve got to say PHOG. It was where I had my first Radar training session and my first approach session as a new officer. The ground layout is fun and unique and the approach is awesome with the terrain all over!

Favorite airline?

Delta Airlines by a long shot. I fly them often and I always have a fantastic experience. Not to mention their IFE is the best out there.

Having three roles in IFATC, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders and I wanna say it’s good that you’re doing well. So, how do you even manage? Do you even have free time?

Well yes, it can be a lot at times. I have a lot more free time than you’d expect, though! I tend to have around 20 recruits which sounds like a lot but really leads to only hosting a few tests each week which leaves room for training. I tend to be around my devices even if I’m doing other things so I can always answer quick questions or send a message as needed! At the end of the day, life comes first and I will always step down from a position if I feel it is interfering with my school or well-being.

So who was your real favorite trainee? 👀

Well I clearly can’t answer this, mainly because I don’t have one. All 40 trainees I’ve had the pleasure to work with have been hardworking and talented in their own ways. A trainee who may have struggled with terrain would have fantastic intercepts, or someone who couldn’t quite grasp sequencing would have great airspace awareness. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and it’s my job to ensure that we can work on those weaknesses together. I have never had a bad experience with any of my trainee.

And does pineapple belong on pizza?

Absolutely not.

What has been your most memorable controlling session so far?

I’m not exactly sure as I have opened so many times. I’d probably say the huge RJTT takeover me and a couple of friends did. (Thanks MrMrMan, Misha, Rocco, Bobby, and Emil!). We were all on a call and the airspace was super organized, especially for peak hours. Also basically any session at PHOG is memorable.

Favorite Frequency (G/T/A/D/C)

This changes between tower and approach depending on my mood. I love controlling a nice busy approach line, but something about handling a bunch of VFR traffic on tower is super fun. That’s why I love GA days!

Favorite route to fly

This one is tricky as I love to fly all over the place, but I’d probably say KJFK-TNCM in the Delta 752. I’ve flown the exact flight twice IRL and it’s always a super fun approach!

When did you start flight school? If you know, when’s the best age to start flight school?

I started flight school when I was 12, basically the minute I was legally allowed to. The best age really depends on a lot of factors. If finances won’t be an issue, I’d suggest 16 years old. You can solo at 16 years old and get your license at 17. If not, some colleges offer flight training! You can always take the military route as well. It honestly depends on a lot of things and that’s a decision that is unique for everyone.

Why did you choose to join IFAE?

I first joined IFAE back in 2017 because I wanted to be part of a super professional team. I was deactivated due to inactivity and when I came back to IF I joined again. It’s a great team and although I’m not super active I’m proud to say I’m a member.

Where does your love for Mexican cuisine come from?

I honestly have no clue. All I know is that if I don’t eat Mexican food at least 3-4 times a week I am sad.

Favorite IRL aircraft?

Easily the Boeing 757. The flight deck is sweet, and it is an all around beautiful bird with rocket engines.

What's your favorite aircraft in Sim?

Also the 757, post-rework of course. The devs did a fantastic job with the aircraft and it has really gotten me flying again.

How do you unwind after a busy day of training Controllers!

I never feel super stressed because I truly enjoy training, but I love watching TV shows (some of the best are Ted Lasso and Scrubs). I also play a decent amount of Call of Duty Warzone with some friends.

As a Student Pilot what would one piece of advice be you would give a trainee new to the skies?

Trust yourself. When I started training I would always second guess my decisions as a pilot. Trust in your ability and you should be fine! Remember that your instructor will be there to guide you as well.

Where do you see yourself in the future in the Community, your high up already but aiming for anything in particular?

I have no idea where I’ll end up. I try not to focus on seniority and focus more on doing what I enjoy. I chose to join IFATC because I wanted to control, and I accepted the position of trainer because I wanted to help others control as well. This is what I hope to keep doing for a while!

Your greatest Phobia?

This one is surprising! Mine is super basic, but just death. Well, the fear of what happens after death is probably greater. I struggle to comprehend the “nothingness” that I believe we will encounter.

Will You Ever Spot Me In IF Again? ;)

I’ve been looking!

Well, that's it! Thanks again to Will and everyone that submitted questions, see you next time!

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